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vintage postcards I've always held a fascination about the past but have only relatively recently started collecting parts of it. I suppose my dated record collection could be counted, but what I'm really talking about here is vintage, and in particular vintage postcards and vintage magazines. Being someone who could often be found in a charity shop looking for bargain books and records, I came across my first batch of vintage postcards about 5 years ago. To be quite honest I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at and merely decided to buy a handful which I liked. After getting them home I undertook a bit more of an in-depth look, followed by some internet research, and was pleased to find that not only did I have some that I personally like, but also that some of them were collectable. So, this kicked off a new hobby for me which I've been indulging in on-and-off for the past 5 years. Read more about it on my vintage postcard blog.

Whilst I don't keep everything I buy, and don't buy everything I find, I do keep a great many of them and my favourites are probably those published by Raphael Tuck, S.Hildesheimer and C.W.Faulkner, and also various artist drawn ones by artists like Brian Gerald, A.R.Quinton, Jotter and Ernest Longstaffe. Those postcards which I am selling on can be found on my vintage postcards web site. I also list some vintage postcards on ebay.

vintage magazines I discovered vintage magazines in exactly the same way as I discovered vintage postcards - in fact it may have even been in the same charity shop. I certainly don't have anywhere near as many vintage magazines as I do vintage postcards, which is just as well given the space they take up. The subject matter ranges from cars to photography to films. And of course, the magazones come full of vintage adverts for all sorts of weird and wonderful products and services - mya favourite to date is the 7 day de-odourant. Read more about it on my vintage magazines blog.

As with the postcards, I don't keep all of the vintage magazines I find, so those I have for sale can be found on my vintage magazines web page.


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