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record collecting, music, records, cds As the years have gone by, my tastes and interests have diversified, so much so that having a single about me page no longer made sense. Those arriving at the old about me page in search of infromation about vintage postcards may have been surprised to find it filled mainly with references to my record and CD collection. So, to put this right I have now created 2 more distinct about me pages which branch off from this one.

The first of these about me pages is the one which talks about my passion for music, and my record and CD collection and collecting habits. You can find this by following the about me music link, or by clicking on the record sleeve to the left.

For more of the same, you may like to check out my music blog for more insight into my record & CD collecting habits, and the soundtrack of my life.

vintage postcards, vintage magazines The second about me page is more dedicated to my passion for vintage, and in particular vintage postcards and vintage magazines.

You can find this by following the about me vintage link, or by clicking on the vintage postcard to the left.

I also have a vintage postcard blog and a vintage magazines blog which contain regular postings of recent vintage finds.

And finally I have a new(ish) In Search of Space blog which contains items which don't really have a home anywhere else.

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